GEC Z5530C 'Brookvale Mk2'

  • Original Location- Noss Mayo 
  • Removal Reason- Lantern wiring burnt out

    Lantern- GEC Z5531C 'Brookvale Mk2'
    Lamp- 80W MBFU
    Manufacture Date- 1959
    Control Gear- Remote Philips Gear
    Original Control- Switch Wire

    The lantern takes an 80W MBF lamp with 3-pin BC cap. The gear for the lantern was situated in an AC FORD box (AC900) on the pole alongside. Control was from the overhead switched wire.  The lampholder is fitted to a yolk which allows adjustment for the different lamp types and wattages fitted. This ensures the lamp is always in the correct position to give correct light distribution. The lantern is in very good condition considering it has stood on the roadside since the 1960s. Now, when the lantern was removed, it held a Z6602 glass refractor bowl making it a the Z5530B, but there were clips inside to hold a refractor ring if it was the Z5530C version. When I managed to get hold of a clear bowl and refractor ring (Z6508), I decided to change the lantern to the 'C' type, so that I have an example of both types.

    I photographed the lantern after some snow in early March 2006:

    The Urbis ZX1 which replaced this lantern was side-entry, thus the finial was cut off with the old top-entry lantern to facilitate this.

    I have now fitted this lantern to an AC Ford swan-neck, and control box and it stands alongside the drive. I have controlled the lantern via a part-night Venner MSQP time clock in the box.

    There were many of these clear-bowled lanterns across the city, but time clock removals and also concrete column replacement has seen the numbers drop to just 3. Sadly 2 of these were removed in 2005, so there is now only one example left on its original CU concrete swan neck and column.



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