GEC Z5530B 'Brookvale Mk2'

  • Original Location- Newton Ferrers 
  • Removal Reason- Control box rusted out

    Lantern- GEC Z5531B 'Brookvale Mk 2'
    Lamp- 80W MBFU
    Manufacture Date- 1961
    Control Gear- Remote Philips Gear
    Original Control- Switch Wire

    The lantern takes an 80W MBF lamp with 3-pin BC cap. The gear for the lantern was situated in a GEC metal control box on the pole alongside, but this had rusted out through time, and it caused the replacement of the lantern. This is a shame as the lantern is in perfect condition and could quite happily continue for another 45 years! Control was from the overhead switched wire.  The lampholder is fitted to a yolk which allows adjustment for the different lamp types and wattages fitted. This ensures the lamp is always in the correct position to give correct light distribution. I also have an example of the clear-bowled variant, the Z5530C.

    When the lantern was mounted on an AC Ford AC184 wall bracket, it looked just as many would have done across Plymouth and the South Hams when they adorned poles on new brackets in the early 1960s.

    Many of these old lanterns still remain in the area. The majority in areas under Devon County Council, rather than Plymouth City, as allowing the lanterns to run until end-of-life rather than replacing ageing, but functioning stock is preferred.



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