GEC Z5590

  • Original Location- Hartley
  • Removal Reason- Group switching alteration

    Lantern- GEC Z5592 NP
    Lamp- 70W SONT
    Manufacture Date- 1975
    Control Gear- Remote
    Original Control- Switch Wire

    A 70W SON-T was fitted in this lantern (shown with SON-E), and all control gear was mounted in the column base. Group switching was by a Venner MSQP time-clock in a feeder pillar in nearby Russell Avenue. The pillar was located by a sub-station and so was not accessible. Problems with access, and reliability of the clock were the reasons for its removal. This control point was simply changed into a section point- the clocks being removed. As the column was not fitted with any individual control, the lantern had to be replaced with a celled fitting. The polycarbonate* outer globe (Z6996) has yellowed with the UV light, but is not in bad condition.  The glass refractor and enamelled reflector plate are also in excellent condition. The date of this lantern is 1975.

  • * (Photo shows an acrylic replacement)

    A 70W Urbis ZX1 now adorns the 6m CU concrete column, fitted with a Royce-Thompson Oasis 2000 cell.

    By late 2005, only one Z5590 can still be found in the city on an old concrete column, with 70W SON lamp fitted. They can also be seen with 80W MBF lamps under DCC control in the countryside surrounding Plymouth, but are now very few in numbers.



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