GEC Z5590 (#2)

  • Original Location- Plymstock
  • Removal Reason- Time clock removal

  • Lantern- GEC Z5590 NP
  • Lamp- 70W SON-T
  • Bowl- Z6996
  • Glassware- Z6508
  • Manufacture Date- 1973
  • Control Gear- Remote

    The Z5590 runs a 70W SON-T lamp, and gear was mounted in the column base. Switching was by a Venner MSQP time-clock also in the column. The glass refractor ring in the lantern is stamped so the lantern can be dated to 1973. The Venner clock pre-dates the lantern; being from 1965. Presumably, the original lantern and column was replaced for some reason, while the clock was reused. The polycarbonate outer globe is badly yellowed, but otherwise the lantern is intact.

    A 70W ZX1 lantern and Oasis 2000 cell replaced this lantern on the original CU 5m Concrete column.

    The column was in fact a Control Point for about 24 other columns in the surrounding roads, all being switched by the clock in the base of this column. Due to the fact that the clock had a large enough load capacity to switch all the lights without a contactor, there was no contactor to re-use with the new lantern and cell. The decision was made to convert all the lights to individual control and do away with the group control. All lanterns had their blank cells replaced with Royce Thompson Oasis 2000 photocells, except a lone Z8896 lantern, which had no NEMA socket and was left On By Day. It was replaced shortly after with an Urbis ZX1.

    There is only one Z5590 left in the city as of 2006, with a few MBF versions in Devon County.



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