GEC Z5580B

I acquired this lantern from fellow collector Bob Cookson in August 2007.

Lantern- GEC Z5582B
Lamp- 70W SONE
Manufacture Date- 1977
Control Gear- Remote

The lantern is in very good condition for its age, and it appears to have always been fitted with an ES lampholder. It is possible that it was converted from 3-pin BC though in years passed. The glass refractor bowl is in perfect condition, and all the lantern requires for a restoration is probably an internal repaint in white. The lantern is part of the Z5580 family, but because of its ES lampholder, is given the Z5582 reference. If a 2-pin BC lampholder is used, then it is a Z5580, and 3-pin BC is the Z5581 variant.

There Z5580 can be found quite commonly in Devon near Plymouth, but these examples are generally with the clear polycarbonate bowl, or the 'BP' prismatic diakon type. To find a Z5580B you must travel slightly further away to places such as Kingsbridge and Dartmouth in Devon.



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