GEC Z5500 'Brookvale Mk1'

This lantern originated from the village of Noss Mayo in Devon. It was removed in October 2004 as the bracket was badly rusting.

Lantern- GEC Z5501B 'Brookvale'
Lamp- 80W MBFU
Manufacture Date- 1954
Control Gear- Remote Philips Gear
 Original Control- Switch Wire

The lantern carries a Z6602 glass refractor outer globe, which dates the lantern to 1954. An 80W Mercury lamp was run in the lantern, and gear was housed in a nearby control box. Switching was via a remote cell, and the switched overhead wire. The GEC bracket was removed at the same time as the lantern due to it being badly rusted. There is a small fuse box on the arm which I managed to get open (likely to be the first time for decades) and inside I discovered a pair of (disused) original GEC porcelain fuse holders. These may well have been in use years ago when the lantern was fitted with a GLS or MBTF lamp, and no control gear was required. Unfortunately, both fuse carriers are missing, but I will endeavour to find replacements.

I also acquired the control gear which ran the lantern. It consists of: A Philips L4080 choke for 80w MB/U or MBF/U lamp, and a Philips 10microfarad Capacitor. The gear dates from the 1950s- early 60s.

A brand new bracket and Urbis ZX1 lantern was fitted in place of the Brookvale which, I'm sure you'll agree, had a good life span of 50 years.

Many thanks to Simon Cornwell & Bob Cookson for their help in identifying the lantern.

The Brookvale is a very rare lantern, although a number can still be found in the local area. There are a couple in the city, and some others in surrounding Devon.



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