Eleco HW918

This lantern was obtained from fellow collector John Thompson in early 2008. It originated from Aberdeen, Scotland.

  • Lantern- Eleco HW918
  • Lamp- 70W SON
  • Manufacture Date- 19??
  • Control Gear- Remote

    I was very pleased to get this lantern due to the fact that is has its wonderful original glass refractor bowl. Lanterns with original glass bowls are becoming ever more difficult to get hold of these days and to find one in mint condition is a real bonus. The lantern has been converted to SON lamps in the past by means of an ES lampholder, but I may convert this back to allow MBF/U lamps to be run in a 3-pin BC lampholder. A full restoration will be carried out internally, but the exterior may just be scrubbed up as it is in pretty good shape anyway. The lantern has been drilled for a 2-part minicell, and I may either fill the hole or fit a detector just to look the part.

    This style of HW918 are not seen in the area, and indeed only one example exists in the city and that is on private railway land. This example has a clear acrylic bowl though.



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    İDavy Warren 2008