Eleco HW-918

I acquired this lantern from fellow collector Pete 'Farmer Boy' Owen in August 2007.

Lantern- Eleco HW-918
Lamp- 80W MBFU
Manufacture Date- 19??
Control Gear- Remote
 Original Control- RTE P42 (2-part) Photocell

The lantern is in fact a combination of two HW-918s as I acquired one a while back but had no bowl for it. The new example from Pete is drilled for a P42 photocell, so I may well use the canopy from the former. Whatever happens, I will use the best bits from both lanterns to create the restored one. The lantern runs an 80w MBF/U lamp and control gear was mounted in the column base. A pair of reflectors are the only form of light control employed by the lantern, as the bowl is a completely clear acrylic type. A full repaint will be required on the finished lantern.

My first task was to clean and polish the bowl which is stained and filthy from years of use.

There is only one HW-918 in the area, and that is a private example at a railway station. Seemingly forgotten when the other lighting was changed to Urbis SON fittings, this lone HW-918 remains lit on a pathway. This example appears identical to my own lantern.



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