Davis GR70 FG

This lantern originated from the small village of Cornwood, Devon.

Lantern- Chalmit Davis GR70
Lamp- 70W SONT
Manufacture Date- 1995
Control Gear- Integral Davis/Parmar SON Gear
 Original Control- NEMA Socket

The lantern is in fact a 'frankenstein' lantern, and it was not always the Flat Glass version. I acquired the lantern in the standard bowl variant, and it was only when I managed to obtain an unusual low profile bowl that I thought to interchange the two. This lantern is a later version, and the divider between the lamp and gear areas is smaller than that of earlier examples. The earlier examples cannot accept the slimline bowl due to the protruding metalwork. Inside the lantern is geared for a 70w SON-T lamp, and control is by a NEMA photocell socket. The lantern will probably only need a clean up, and maybe a repaint to seal the fibreglass. Other wise it is in excellent condition.

The low profile version of the GR70 featured in a couple of small lighting schemes in the mid-90s but was never widely adopted, unlike its standard model which was installed in its hundreds from 1993 to 1995.



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