BTH Urban Enclosed (Group B)

I managed to save this lantern from the old Electrical Workshop on the Goschen Yard, Devonport. The building was demolished in November 2006.

Lantern- BTH Urban Enclosed (Group B)
Lamp- 80W MBFU
Manufacture Date- 195?
Control Gear- Remote
 Original Control- Private Supply

The lantern runs an 80w MBF/U lamp, and control would have been by group switching. The lantern is in very good condition, and it has not suffered from corrosion at all. The inner reflector plate is in perfect condition. The bowl was a rounded Holophane refractor type, but sadly this got smashed during the building works. It was similar to that held on my Revo Prefect, but had tighter lower refractor lines. This is unusual, as this type of lantern is normally found with a squarer type bowl, so the Devonport lanterns may have been a special order to BTH (British Thomson-Houston) in the 1950s. Restoration of the lantern will include an external cleanup and hopefully a new bowl can be found.

I decided that the bowl was very similar to that of my Revo Prefect lantern, and so I have fitted the Holophane bowl from that to the lantern to complete it. Restoration will still be required in future.

I photographed the lantern prior to its removal.

Many thanks must go to the Gilpin Demolition guys for allowing me to save the lantern.

There are no BTH lanterns found on the streets in the area, but the Devonport Dockyard itself still retains many of its 1950s BTH lanterns including Urban Enclosed lanterns for both Group A and Group B roads.



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