AC Ford AC848

This lantern originated from Whitleigh Avenue, Plymouth. The lantern was removed due to deteriorated equipment replacement works in 2007. It can be seen in use prior to removal here.

Lantern- AC Ford AC848
Lamp- 70W SON-I
Manufacture Date- 19??
Control Gear- Internal SON Gear
 Original Control- Switch Wire

It was great to save this lantern when it came down, as it was one of the very few remaining old top entry brackets in the city which would have held an open tungsten lantern in years gone by. The bracket itself is manufactured by Lucy Oxford. The lantern contains control gear for the 70w SON lamp, which although now SON-E [I] would have been an Elliptical SON-E lamp originally. The bowl is a rounded polycarbonate version, which is seen commonly on AC848s in the city, as well as the more straighter version. I shall probably restore the lantern and retain it on the bracket as it makes a good combination, and is how it was seen in service.

The AC848 was a favourite in the city in years gone by, and in the 80s was a favourite for replacing old lanterns with a 'brand new' technology of gear-in-head lantern and SON lamp. Many still survive but their numbers are gradually decreasing with concrete column removal, time clock removal and general improvement works. The version with straighter bowl is just as common, and may be a slightly later version, but that is unconfirmed.



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