The lantern was removed due to concrete column replacement in September 1999. It originated from the Plymstock area.


Lantern- AC Ford AC848
Lamp- 70W SON-T
Manufacture Date- 1981?
Control Gear- Internal Thorn SON Gear
 Original Control- Switch Wire

The lantern uses a 70W SON-T lamp, and the gear is contained within the canopy. Sunlight has yellowed the polycarbonate bowl through the years. As this lantern was group switched, it is not fitted with any photocell. Unfortunately, due to many years of exposure to salt air, attempts to open the terminal compartment resulted in shearing of the screws, which were seized fast. I will, in time, replace these screws. The capacitor appears to be dated to 1981, and as it is likely original, that is probably the date of the lantern.

Restoration update: during September 2005 I got the restoration underway in earnest. Having removed the old top entry stub which was left in the lantern when it was cut off, I stripped down the lantern. All the external metalwork was given a repaint with hammered silver-grey paint, and the lamp area was re-sprayed white. The globe was also given a good scrub with brass polish which cleans and removes some of the yellowness from the polycarbonate. Before the lantern was reassembled, I re-tapped the holes for the terminal box cover screws. This done, the lantern could be completed and fitted onto a bracket for display.

Following a visit to AC Ford in early 2007, a brand new bowl for the lantern was purchased and fitted. It's now the only AC848 lantern in the city with a completely clear outer globe!

A 6m BS column with Urbis ZX1 now adorns the site of this lantern.

Many of these lanterns are still in use in the Plymouth area, all with 70W SON lamps. There are also equal numbers of the lantern fitted with a more curved polycarbonate bowl.



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